Monday, December 13, 2010

Shawls 5 and 6

I used Lion Brand Microspun yarn to make a Sweet Pea Shawl. The pattern is from "The Happy Hooker". The original pattern is triangle shaped but I prefer a softer "tip". The yarn is so soft too.
The South Bay Shawlette is another Ravelry favorite. I may be making more of these. So quick and effective. The yarn I used is a handdyed sock yarn from White Oak Studio. I won it as part of the 10 Shawls 2010 challenge - random drawing. :) My favorite shawl so far.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Shawls 3 and 4

I enjoyed working the Seraphina Shawl so much and saw many laceweight versions on Ravelry that I had to make my own. I used some leftover Knit Picks Shadow yarn and really liked how it turned out.

Some of the shawls I crocheted were part of other crochet-alongs on Ravelry. This one was to learn how to read lace charts from a Japanese pattern. Not too hard. :) The wool yarn was some I had bought on Ebay.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


One of my four sisters was married this year and my tradition has been to make a blanket with each family wedding. She requested a grey one so I selected Caron's Simply Soft in grey heather. The pattern is Elegant Shells by Terry Kimbrough (not available online). She has the best edgings.

I find these blankets work up quickly so I went ahead and made one for my last single sister (she's engaged). This one is made from Paton's Classic Wool and the pattern is Shells Galore also by Terry Kimbrough. I ran out of yarn so had to omit two edging repeats. Not sure I like it as much.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shawls 1 and 2 of 2010

The first shawl I made for the "10 Shawls in 2010" challenge was Sweet Scallops Shawl in Elann's Pure Bamboo yarn. Love the feel of the yarn and it is so drapey. I added some pattern repeats to make it a bit wider and then worked from the center out until I achieved the length I liked.

Shawl 2 is the ever popular Seraphina. I made this version in Paton's Classic Wool. Made it as big as 3 skeins would go. I may donate this one since it's a bit bulky.

Friday, October 15, 2010

2010 - Year of the Shawl

Early in the year I discovered the "10 Shawls in 2010" Ravelry Group. As the group name implies, the goal is to make 10 shawls this year. Wasn't sure if I was going to make it but thought it would be fun to attempt. October 2010 - I have 8 done. Chances are good that I will complete 2 more by the end of the year.

My original intent was to knit half and crochet half but I am a ssssllloooowwww knitter. The 8 shawls are all crocheted. Some of them took 2-3 days total. The 1 knit shawl I started - many, many months with no end in sight. It is of course a round tablecloth so I expected it to take along time but dude, forever.

Stay tuned for shawl posts...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bugs! and Snakes

For Christmas I made my niece and nephews some crocheted bugs and snakes. They had admired the ones I made my daughter so I made them their very own. They were a huge hit!

We have ants, spiders and tarantulas.

I just used Red Heart Supersaver yarn and an F hook. The patterns I used were Camo Snake and Creepy Crawlies (both free). Pipe cleaners make the legs extra fun.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2009 Block of the Month CAL Blankets

At the end of last year's ravelry CAL, I had 29 - 12" squares and 12 - 6" squares. These squares were sewn together to make 2 blankets. For edgings, I just crocheted some rounds of dc and a reverse sc final round.

I liked the green/off white colors and many of the blocks. What I didn't like was the fact that several squares had way more stitches at the outer rounds than the majority (note curling of edges). In hindsight, I should have realized this would be a problem but I know now. :)

I also didn't like the randomness. When you make a blanket with all the same squares, ya get bored so I hoped this would be more interesting. It was interesting as individual blocks but I much prefer order and symmetry in a final project. Lesson learned.

Where Have I Been?

My last post was Dec 2009. It is now Oct 2010. Where have I been? What have I been up to? Why am I posting again?

Let me say the 2009 Block a Month CAL burned me out last year. Every month I felt pressure to work on those blocks and nothing else. Then when I put the afghans together, I did not love them. That was a lot of work for then not loving the finished project.

I also became very discouraged when reading other blogs and noticing I do not post as much or have as many projects. So I just stopped posting. But I still crocheted and knit, entered the 4H fair and have taken up quilting.

I'll be updating the blog over the next few weeks with my 2010 projects. Why? I've been meeting new people who are interested in what I work on and thought it would be nice to send them to my blog. It should be an up to date blog. I will try not to compare it to other blogs and remember that this is what I can work on. Hopefully others will find something interesting or informative as well.

Stay tuned...